• Evanston History Center

    The Evanston History Center was established in 1898 as the Evanston Historical Society (EHS). The seven authors were Harvey B. Hurd, John W. Thompson, J. Seymour Currey, Walter Lee Brown, William A. Philips, Frank R. Grover and Emma Winner Rogers. Gathering started promptly as the originators were worried that a lot of Evanston's initial history was being lost with the progression of time, sensational changes occurring in the network, and the passing of the most punctual pioneers. 


    The strategic the Evanston History Center is to gather, safeguard and decipher the rich history of the City of Evanston and every one of its kin through displays, instructive projects, and research offices.

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    Forest Avenue on Greenwood Street in Evanston, Illinois: 225 Greenwood Street, Evanston, IL 60201

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